Ingredients Required

Quantity & Prepration

Steps of Cooking

Kabuli channa boiled 250g

  1. 1. To boil Kabuli Channa, soak overnight in water with a pinch of soda, next morning boil in same water.

  2. 2. Drain Water when completely done

  3. 3. Peal wash and cut the vegetables.

  4. 4. Mix the boiled channa and cut vegetables in a salad bowl.

  5. 5. Add Rehmat Chat Masala, Sugar, Salt & Lemon juice, mix well and check seasoning. Serve chilled.

Cucumber dices 75g
Tomato dices 75g
Onion dices 50g
Mint chopped 15g
Ginger chopped 10g
Green Chilli Chopped 8g
Fresh Coriander chopped 15g
Rehmat Chat Masala 20g
Salt 5g
Sugar 10g
Lemon Juice 10ml