Ingredients Required

Quantity & Prepration

Steps of Cooking

Dal Mash/White Lentil 200g/1 cup washed and soaked in 2 cups of water for 3 hours

  1. 1. Drain water from the soaked white lentil and rice. Add baking soda, onion paste, ginger paste, garlic paste, Rehmat Salt and grind in blender to coarse batter. Add cilantro/fresh coriander and green chillies in this mixture.

  2. 2. In hot oil, pour few tablespoons full of batter. Fry on medium heat till golden. Remove and allow to cool. Then soak in lukewarm water for 5-10 minutes. Drain the water and gently squeeze out the dumplings to remove excess water.

  3. 3. Add sugar in yogurt and spread half in a dish. Add the soaked dumplings in the yogurt and pour the remaining yogurt over it. Sprinkle Rehmat Fruit Chat Masala, crushed papri and serve

Rice 3 tablespoons, washed and soaked in 1 cup of water for 15 minutes.
Baking Soda 1 teaspoon
Green Chillies 2-3 medium, finely chopped
Fresh Onion Paste 1/2 cup
Cilantro/Fresh Coriander 2-3 tablespoons, finely chopped
Ginger Paste 2 tablespoons
Garlic Paste 2 tablespoons
Rehmat Salt 1 tablespoon
Sugar 1 tablespoon
Yogurt 1 kg, whipped and sieved through muslin cloth
Cooking Oil 500 ml/ 3 cups, for deep frying
Papri 1 cup crushed
Rehmat Black Pepper 3-4 tablespoons